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About Us

We are Private Loan Lenders specializing in Hard Money Loans for commercial, residential, income and industrial property types. We provide Real Estate funds to Brokers and individual Borrowers.

We are based in Northern California Bay Area Heart of the Silicon Valley and are licensed under Bureau of Real Estate CA. Our staff is highly experienced in underwriting and valuing a wide array of properties. We close tens of millions of dollars of trust deed investment offerings every year and boast a combined 50 years of industry experience.

As an investor, our experienced loan officers will guide you through the entire process all the way through funding and closing. All investments are secured with recorded deeds of trusts and supported with thorough document packages. Our servicing department is in house and maintains all facets of a loan’s requirements including property tax, insurance & senior lien monitoring right on through payoff and reconveyance. We use industry leading state of the art software for all components of the loan origination and servicing process.

Besides offering typical “hard money” trust deed investments, we also offer a robust lending platform to construction developers (fix & flippers). These projects are primarily in Northern California and the Bay Area. Our streamlined process affords our borrowers with closings that typically occur within 15 days after file submission.

Interested in Trust Deed investing? Download this guide from the California Bureau for Real Estate “Trust Deed Investments – What You Should Know“

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Customer Retention & Relationship Development

Banking is about relationships – those you build and those you are able to keep. We all know the effort that goes into building relationships and unfortunately when a bank turns down a loan an opportunity is created for your competitors. Not only do they get a new loan but they also get a crack at the whole banking relationship.