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Credit Report

A credit report contains information about your credit, bill repayment history and the status of your credit accounts. This information shows how often you make your payments on time and how much credit is available. It also shows how much credit are you using and whether a debt collector is collecting the money you owe. It also can contain public records like judgments and bankruptcies that provide insight into your financial status and obligations.

Each report maintains information about you and your credit history. This information is gathered from your credit history. These reports are bought by employers or service providers in the form of credit report of an individual which helps them to decide whether to approve you application for loan or a credit card.

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Our aim is to help you understand your credit so that you get more out of it as, we don't only provide credit report but also an in-depth analysis to give you product guidance, like credit cards and loans, based on your credit profile.

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