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Real Estate (BARG)

Real Estate Loans are solely used for business purposes such as hotels, apartments, retail chains and office complexes. In real estate loans financing includes development, acquisition, construction of the properties and the loans are secured on the claim of commercial, rather than residential property loan.

We at PWFSB provide financing for residential/commercial real estate in California. We provide loan money for residential single family homes, as well as commercial projects involving health care, medical facilities, hotels, casinos, resorts, land developments, theme parks, and more at an affordable interest rates.

Even if you have a

  • Bad Credit
  • High Debt
  • No Credit

and you have been refused down for a mortgage ?

Don't Worry. We at PWFSB make terms and conditions negotiable so that you can avail funds within 30 days.

We can give you an idea of the possibility of funding your loan request and the costs involved. So call us today because we make it easy!


Don't hesitate, just give us a CALL NOW 408-515-2048 and within a few minutes we will give you an idea of the possibility of funding your loan request, the terms and conditions, and the costs involved.

We fund loans in all South Bay area.